Jodie emailed Dr. Phil saying her 15-year-old sister, Reesa, was brutally murdered on June 15, 1984. Jodie says she was only 13 years old and considered a prime suspect.

The crime was never solved, and the case went cold. Jodie says she was a suspect throughout her teen years and interrogated by police numerous times, but she has maintained her innocence for 34 years. Jodie says she’s had a difficult life, and her sister’s murder still haunts her to this day. It’s been over three decades, and she says the townspeople haven’t stopped gossiping and accusing her of murdering her only sibling. Until today, Jodie has never talked publicly about that horrifying day. Jodie says she’ll do anything to prove her innocence once and for all. Will Jodie take Dr. Phil’s polygraph and end all the rumors?

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