Deanna says she’s been really down on herself since she started losing her hair and was diagnosed with alopecia several years ago. She even wrote to Dr. Phil saying she thinks she’s “the ugliest woman in the world.” Deanna's best friend, Marcia, and husband, Tim, ask Dr. Phil if he can help change her attitude. See what happens when he enlists the help of celebrity wig designer Amy Gibson and style expert Alison Deyette! Then, Ted says he is determined to get his wife of 17 years and former LA Lakers cheerleader, Eleni, to start laughing and cheering like she used to. Over the course of a two-year period, Eleni lost both of her parents, her mother-in-law, and her dog -- and had a lot of bad luck. Dr. Phil talks with Ted and Eleni about how to find brightness again in their lives. And, Dr. Phil sits down with 16-time Grammy Award winner David Foster and his wife, singer and songwriter Katharine McPhee, to hear about their upcoming show in Las Vegas. Don’t miss their performance!

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