Dr. Phil investigates the widespread pandemic known as the coronavirus. How afraid should we be? What are the facts? Dr. Phil speaks with a group of leading medical and health professionals who reveal their genuine concerns about this ever-growing, ever-changing medical phenomenon that is captivating the globe. First, eminent neurosurgeon Dr. Patrick Johnson discusses the fears around this virus along with distinguished molecular and microbiology professor Paula Cannon, PhD. Then, hear from Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, whose social media post about the pandemic was shared over 1.5M times. Plus, a coronavirus survivor and his wife relive the moment of his diagnosis. And, a woman in New York reveals she is so worried about the illness that she has isolated herself in her home and intends to do so for the next two months. Watch while Dr. Phil dissects the fine details of this complex and controversial illness. How bad will it get? When will it end? Tune in to find out!

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