Dr. Phil comes to you live from his kitchen to discuss how social isolation in the time of coronavirus can and is leading to loneliness and depression. Dr. Phil speaks to Donna, a 63-year-old widow who feels trapped in her home that she hasn’t left in 11 days! She says her depression, due to her isolation, has gotten so bad that she’s not eating, sleeping, or showering. In fact, she says she’s so desperate for physical contact, she has been hugging her dogs nonstop – and now they’re hiding from her! Dr. Phil then calls on the expertise of disaster mental health specialist Dr. Norman Fried to discuss why some people, like Donna, have trapped themselves in their homes due to coronavirus, while others are foolishly still flocking to crowded beaches, boardwalks, and parties! You don’t want to miss what Dr. Phil has to say about these “Covididiots”!

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