While looking for a partner online, most people worry the person they meet might have dark secrets in their past -- but for some women, dating a criminal is actually part of the search criteria.

Alexx says she loves dating prisoners and can’t stop. Alexx’s sister, Jenna, says she is desperate for Dr. Phil’s help because Alexx is speaking with at least seven convicted felons. She says her sister is trying to buy the love of these dangerous men. Alexx says she knows she is destroying her life with this illicit love, but her criminals need her. And, Suzie is also not giving up on her love behind bars. She’s married to an inmate and is trying to make it work by keeping a personal account of their love online and inspiring other inmates to connect with their loved ones through a blog called Inmate Blogger. Her mother, Penny, is not a fan of her daughter’s inmate marriage, and she says she’s worried for her daughter’s safety.

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