Dr. Phil tackles one of the most divisive topics of the year: Critical Race Theory (CRT). Dr. Phil invites passionate parents on both sides of this great debate, including Tiffany and Quisha, founders of the group “Mothers For Liberty,” who say they believe CRT is being taught in K-12 schools and is poisoning the minds of their children. They are joined by fellow ally and mother Amy, who says her young children shouldn’t be expected to be social justice warriors. They debate with moms Laura and Sara who say they support CRT being taught on the college level and do not believe elementary and high schools should avoid talking about race and privilege in classrooms. Dr. Phil also welcomes leading academic Dr. Shaun Harper, who teaches CRT at the university level, and father of three Derrick, who says CRT is keeping racism alive in America. Watch while Dr. Phil speaks to author and writer James Lindsay who passionately decries CRT as “Race Marxism,” and teacher Taylor who says she believes children need to learn about the racist history of the US.

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