Why would anyone ever join a cult? Well, more people than you think have joined what some call a “cult like” environment without realizing it. People “follow the leader,” the loudest voice or biggest trend, and soon enough, their whole life revolves around this new trainer, diet, and lifestyle. From fitness classes with “God-like” instructors to trendy side hustles that are all over social media – you might not realize that these companies and people are using “cult-like” tactics to lure you in and take your money, your time, and your loyalty. Cult deprogrammer and specialist Rick Alan Ross shares what elements make up a dangerous and destructive cult. Dr. Natalia Petrzela and Monica share their stories about being a part of different “cult-like” environments in the fitness world and working in multi-level marketing companies. And, Sarah claims that she joined what she thought was a yoga and meditation studio but instead was a front for a dangerous group. Why did Sarah stay for nine years -- and how did she get out?