Claudia and her two daughters, Celia and Ciara, are trying to find a way to reconnect.

The two sisters grew up in totally different situations and households. One was placed in an open adoption, and the other was raised by her grandparents and Claudia. But these half-sisters say they’ve felt cast aside too often by Claudia, the “woman who birthed” them. So Celia and Ciara decided to cut ties with the woman whom they refuse to call “mother” because they feel she doesn’t deserve the title. This will be their first face-to-face in two years. Will the sisters accept their mother back into their lives? And, Dr. Phil takes Coach Mike Bayer’s Best Self Challenge.

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Best Self: Be You, Only Better
By Mike Bayer

Best Self Challenge

Join the Best Self Challenge in the month of May! Draw your best self and your anti-self, and post a side-by-side picture on social media using #BestSelfChallenge. Tag three friends, including someone who inspired you to join in, and Coach Mike @coachmikebayer.