Dr. Phil has a frank and open discussion with members of the public and law enforcement about the perceived lack of safety on American streets, and the rising conflict between civilians and police. Country singer Clare Dunn claims she was assaulted by her rideshare driver last June in Memphis, TN. Dunn says she is still shaken by her ordeal and wants people to know this can happen to anyone. Then, former police officer Aaron has a frank conversation about the challenges police face when trying to keep the streets safe. And, Emada Tingirides, an LAPD law enforcement officer of 27 years, says the police are doing all they can to try to win the war against violent crime in America. Thomas Abt, a lawyer and criminal reform policy advisor, engages in a lively debate with Aaron about the right and wrong way to go about reducing crime. Will Dr. Phil and the guests reach a conclusion about solving crime in the U.S.? Tune in to find out!

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