Twenty-one-year-old Jessy says she is so consumed with finding social media fame, that she spends over 11 hours a day researching, planning, and taping outrageous, sometimes offensive, content just for “likes” and “follows.” She says when her Instagram was temporarily shut down, her career flashed before her eyes, because she believed she was “nothing without her followers.”

Then, Ava, a former guest, returns to the stage to admit that she put on an act to gain followers last season on Dr. Phil. Ava says she didn’t listen to any of Dr. Phil’s advice and had to learn the hard way about the temptations of Insta-Fame.

And, Nastassia, a fitness influencer, also weighs in to share her story on how she found Insta-Fame and success at just 19 years old. Will Jessy take the advice from Ava, Nastassia, or Dr. Phil?

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