Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jordan, whose eating disorder has her weight down to a shocking 75 pounds. Jordan admits that her deadly eating disorder is not only her best friend but acted as an adviser who encouraged her to lose more weight.

Jordan also revealed that a major reason she continues to starve herself is to purposely punish her mother, Angela, who Jordan claims triggers her eating disorder. Today, Jordan reveals why she believes her stepfather, Bob, has turned her mother against her. Plus, find out why Jordan’s family has concerns about the boyfriend she has turned to for support, and the shocking details about why Bob and Angela want this young man far away from their daughter. They will meet him for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage. Finally, learn why Angela fears she may have unwittingly led her daughter down this dark and deadly path. Plus, Cleveland kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight reveals all the details of her secret wedding and how she found love.

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"Life After Darkness"

by Michelle Knight
Available May 1.