With over 3,000 shows and two decades of helping change the lives of his guests as well as viewers at home, Dr. Phil takes a look back and celebrates 20 years of Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil made a promise two decades ago to be a beacon of hope shining a bright light on the silent epidemics and problems tearing apart families and communities, and today, he shares inspirational updates from some of his most memorable guests and finds out how many of them are doing nearly 20 years later. Also, meet some of Dr. Phil’s staff, both current and past, and hear about their most memorable moments over the past 20 seasons. Plus, you don’t want to miss the surprise Dr. Phil has for Robin. All that and much more!

Watch the video below to meet some of the staff and crew who work behind the scenes at Dr. Phil. Many have been with the show all 20 seasons!

Meet The Crew At 'Dr. Phil'

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