Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Gail and her two daughters, Stacey and Traci, who claim their mom has lost everything due to an online romance scam. Gail says that’s not the case -- she insists her boyfriend of four years, “Matt Hurley,” is the real deal but is stuck in Nigeria and can’t afford a plane ticket to the U.S. Gail says for the past two years, “Matt Hurley” has been staying at a hotel in Warri, Nigeria. When Dr. Phil sends a producer to that location, what does he find? And, Dr. Phil finds the man in “Matt Hurley’s” photos. Where is he located, and what does he have to say to Gail? Tune in today to find out. Plus, David McClellan from SocialCatfish.com shares what he says are quick and easy ways to confirm if someone really is who they claim to be online – and has a special offer for Dr. Phil’s audience.

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