Shelly says when she married her husband, David, less than a year ago, she had no idea that divorce might be a possibility. While Shelly claims David is verbally abusive and controlling, David says his wife thrives on drama, loves attention, and refuses to let go of the past rather than try to work on a better future. David claims he feels Shelly’s health issues control a lot of her emotions. Shelly says she desperately wants Dr. Phil’s help to save her marriage.

Then, Sandra says 26 years ago, she thought it was just a typical day of running errands at the mall, but instead, it was a day that will haunt her forever. Sandra says at 21, she was kidnapped at gunpoint and told that if she tried to run, her kidnapper would kill her! Sandra says she was able to escape, but her anxiety and traumas from her past are still affecting her daily life and current relationship with her husband. Will Sandra find a way to heal from her past?

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