In August 2015, a string of freeway sniper shootings caused a wave of panic that left Arizona residents fearing for their lives. After weeks of searching for the sniper, authorities announced they had linked a gun to four of the I-10 shootings – and they said that gun had belonged to 21-year-old Leslie Merritt Jr., and he was arrested. But Leslie proclaimed his innocence saying his gun was at the pawn shop during the time the shootings occurred.

After 222 days behind bars, Leslie was released and the charges against him were dismissed after a prosecution expert testified that he could neither exclude, nor identify, the bullets in question as having come from Leslie’s gun. But to this day, some people, including officials, say they believe they had the right man and still claim Leslie is the Arizona sniper. Today, Leslie speaks out for the first time in an exclusive interview. Find out what he says it was like seeing weapons allegedly drawn on his girlfriend and baby daughter on the day he was arrested and tactics he alleges were used to try to get him to confess.

Leslie will also respond to the question on so many people’s minds, “Is Leslie Merritt an innocent man who was locked up for almost a year for a crime he didn’t commit?”

Accused Arizona Freeway Sniper Recalls The Day He Was Arrested While He Says He Was Buying Diapers For His Daughter
Why Accused and Now Released Arizona Freeway Sniper Says He Never Thought About Calling A Lawyer
Why Leslie Merritt Jr. Says It’s Impossible He Was The Arizona Freeway Sniper
Once Accused Arizona Freeway Sniper Describes His 222 Days Behind Bars: It Was ‘Mental Torture’ 

How Has Life Changed For Leslie Merritt Jr. After Being Falsely Arrested and Released As The Suspected Arizona Freeway Sniper?

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