Twenty-one-year-old Julia Wendell captured the attention of millions across the globe when she claimed she believes she may be the most famous missing child in the world, Madeleine McCann. Wendell claims she has the same famous dark mark on her eye as McCann and similar body markings. She also claims she can’t remember large chunks of her early childhood, isn’t sure of her age, and has never seen her birth certificate. In an exclusive interview, Wendell reveals what else she discovered that made her believe she is the girl who vanished in 2007 at 3 years old. However, Wendell’s parents in Poland insist she is their biological child and deny she was kidnapped. McCann, who would be 19 years old now, was abducted in 2007 while on vacation with her family in Portugal and is presumed dead. Has McCann finally been found? Or, is this a cruel hoax?

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