Dr. Phil welcomes three -- out of a possible 45 – alleged victims who claim they were targeted and manipulated out of tens of thousands of dollars by a woman named Mair Smyth, who has been accused of posing as an Irish heiress, a psychologist, a life coach, and a mortgage broker to extort in excess of $1 million from people all over the world. First, Johnathan, a TV producer and narrator of the new podcast Queen of the Con: The Irish Heiress, says he was conned out of nearly $100K by Smyth. Then, meet Heather and Tess, who claim they, too, were conned by Smyth. Finally, Dr. Phil talks to podcast creator Aliza Rosen and top litigator Michael Kraut, who gives his legal insight into how to prosecute so-called con artists like Smyth. Watch while a news crew goes to where it is believed Smyth lives. Will the crew make contact with her? Tune in to find out!

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