Jess says despite a chaotic upbringing, he was able to achieve a 4.0 in college, have a successful life with a nice home and pool, and have a good job. But it all ended five years ago after a bad breakup. Ever since, he has been lying in bed at his mother’s home, not even getting up to use the restroom. He says he lost all coping skills and thinks his mother might like it this way. Can Dr. Phil help Jess get out of bed again? Then, Robert spent most of his 20s incarcerated. He admits he did stupid things in the past, but he wants his mother to know that he’s not a bad guy and he has changed. Lynne says she’s desperate to help her son because if he gets in trouble again, he’s looking at 25-to-life in prison. You won’t want to miss what Robert did right before the show.

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