Doreen and Yvette have never met, but they have a lot in common; both say their lives are consumed fighting for freedom in a broken justice system. Doreen’s son, John Giuca, and Yvette’s brother, Billie Allen, have spent half their lives in prison for crimes they say they did not commit. John was convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years to life. Billie was convicted of murder and robbery and sentenced to death. Both women say they will stop at nothing to get their loved one out of prison. Doreen even went undercover and transformed herself from an everyday mother into a sexy blond 30-something in order to befriend a juror from John’s murder trial. Find out what she says she uncovered. John and Billie’s attorneys, Mark Bederow, Marty Tankleff, and Marc Howard, and “Wrongful Convictions” podcaster Jason Flom explain to Dr. Phil why there are flaws in our justice system that need changing. And, meet college graduate Jaye, who took part in a class called “Making an Exoneree.” She tells Dr. Phil what it was like to meet Billie in person. Plus, actor Gbenga Akinnagbe and activist Whitney Meilan Yang share why they joined Billie’s campaign.