Betty, Kevin and Philip are involved in a love triangle -- however, Betty has been married to Philip for 29 years. Betty claims Philip allowed her to step outside the marriage because he wanted an open marriage, but Philip claims it was her idea. Betty says when she did explore meeting other men, she met and fell in love with Kevin. Philip says he does not want to let the marriage go, but Betty says she has been very unhappy because she claims Philip has been physically and verbally abusive for years. Philip admits he has hurt Betty but claims it was because her behavior made him angry. Betty and Philip’s two daughters, Victoria and Liz, say their parents are hypocrites for raising them to follow the church and act like decent people, and yet, are now doing the complete opposite by having extramarital affairs. Dr. Phil advises how this family can untangle the toxic patterns they have been in for decades.

Plus, Dr. Phil meets Susan and Brad Black, who discuss how they successfully navigated through their divorce while continuing to run their company, EO.

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