Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Pat, his wife Sarah and his father John, who Pat claims is delusional, paranoid and a threat to his family.

John, on the other hand, says he is convinced that Pat and Sarah are a threat on his and his wife’s lives. John says he believes he contracted Agent Orange in Vietnam and that it was passed down to Pat, causing his "mental illness" and "violent past."

Pat and Sarah say John’s delusions have gotten so out of hand that the couple has had to sever ties altogether. Pat and Sarah say they want a relationship but claim every attempt is misconstrued by John as some form of life threatening conspiracy theory. Can Dr. Phil help this family reunite and patch their volatile relationship?

And, Pat Smith, wife of retired Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith, joins Dr. Phil to discuss her new book, Second Chances. In this very intimate publication, Pat shares her journey from loss to redemption, her setbacks to recoveries and how a person can let go of what’s holding them back, reinvent their lives and rediscover purpose and joy.

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