Have you ever had a neighbor that you can’t stand? Nearly three-quarters of Americans dislike at least one of their neighbors. There’s nothing quite like a bad neighbor to turn your little corner of paradise into a new kind of nightmare. In South Florida, iguanas are destroying people’s yards and plants and damaging their property. And, feeding iguanas can attract more, leading to a nuisance for some South Florida homeowners. Dr. Phil speaks to Darren, an animal lover who says he doesn’t see any problem feeding the green iguanas that are overpopulating the lake in his townhome community. Darren says he doesn’t understand why his neighbors are so upset with him. He claims his neighbors are just jealous because the iguanas like him and don’t eat his plants, while they eat all his neighbors’ plants. Matthew says he lives three houses away from Darren and is tired of him feeding the reptiles. Matthew, who admits to having arguments with Darren and allowing his dogs to defecate in Darren’s yard, says Darren is making the iguana problem worse. How does Darren respond to his neighbor? Darren’s daughter, Ariela, and her boyfriend, Kyle, share how they feel about her dad’s behavior. Plus, Perry Colato, owner of Redline Iguana Removal in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, joins the conversation to share what he says are proven risks of feeding wildlife in South Florida. Will Darren have a change of heart? Tune in to find out.

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