Not only is vaping physically damaging, but it’s become a real point of contention within families of teen users – with some parents saying they are being driven “crazy” trying to catch their children in the act. With vape devices being so easy to conceal, teens are vaping in plain sight in school and in their homes. One family says their 12-year-old son, Connor, is addicted to vaping and will lie and steal just so he can “hit” his vape. His parents, Vanessa and David, say they’re at their wits' end – they’ve already taken him out of school and stripped his room, but he still finds a way to hide his vapes! So, where -- or who -- is Connor getting them from? Find out! Plus, hear what psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy and pulmonologist Dr. Cedric Jamie Rutland have to say about the damaging effects of vaping. Also, Grace and Jordyn share their stories of how vaping put them into the hospital. Both have vowed to never vape again.

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