Austin Harrouff, a 19-year-old Florida college student, was accused of murdering a couple at their home and stabbing a neighbor who tried to help.

Police say when they arrived, he was exhibiting superhuman strength and biting one of his victim’s faces. Police tested him to see if he might have ingested a drug such as the synthetic street drug “Flakka.” Those test results reportedly revealed Austin was not on drugs the night of the attack. In an exclusive interview right before he was transferred from the hospital to jail, Harrouff spoke out for the very first time.

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Dr. Phil Exclusive With Austin Harrouff: The Man Accused In Brutal 2016 Slaying Of Florida Couple

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‘I’ve Heard Voices Of Monsters And Stuff,’ Says Accused Florida Killer Claiming He’s Heard Voices Since Childhood

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Man Accused Of Brutally Slaying Florida Couple Apologizes To Families: ‘I Hope That You Can Find It In Your Heart To Forgive Me’

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