You’ve heard about polygamy and monogamy, but what about sologamy? Sologamy, also known as “self-marriage” or “self-partnering,” is a symbolic ceremony where a person commits to a meaningful and loving relationship with themselves and a promise to give themselves what they often seek from other people. Last month, Miley Cyrus’ song “Flowers” – about celebrating self-love after her divorce – became Spotify’s most streamed song in a single week. It is said you can’t love others until you love yourself first -- but is saying “I do” to yourself going too far? Critics of sologamy say “self-marriage” is narcissistic and makes a mockery of this special sacrament. Dr. Phil meets 30-year-old Danni, who says she spent $4,000 on her self-wedding; life coach and expert Sasha Cagen, who married herself at 40 and guides other women to marry themselves, and says she spent $100 on her self-wedding; and 50-year-old Sonya, who says she spent $15,000. Then, hear from John McEntee, Founder and CEO of “The Right Stuff,” who says sologamy is selfish and marriage should be viewed as a sacred sacrament. Will anyone in Dr. Phil’s audience marry themselves? Tune in as Dr. Phil discusses self-love on Valentine ’s Day.

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