Abby says her 17-year-old son, Aidan, used to be a straight-A student who was talented with sports and cooking. But she says Aidan has now turned into a stealing, violent, wannabe gangster. She says the teen’s behavior is so out of control that he has physically pushed her and has broken down their front door. Abby claims she doesn’t understand where Aidan’s anger issues stem from but wonders if it has to do with his father’s death. Aidan’s sister Kaleigh says she used to be a bad teen and acted out similarly to Aidan, and claims their mother sends them away when she doesn’t want to deal with the problem. Aidan says he knows he is going down a bad path but doesn’t know how to control his anger. He says growing up in his house was always chaotic, and his mom is too strict with her parenting. Abby says she is a licensed counselor for troubled teens and doesn’t understand how she can help others but not her own son.

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