On June 20, 2016, 23-year-old Jessie Grace vanished without a trace from her hometown of Wenatchee, Washington. It’s been almost four years since Jessie disappeared, and there have been zero sightings. Her younger sister, Brittany, says she has accepted that her sister is most likely dead and claims her mother has become obsessed with trying to solve the case, even infiltrating local gangs to try to find answers. But that’s not all. Brittany claims her mother has transformed from Sherrie, the suburban housewife, to “Ma Shay,” the bad-ass, gun-toting grandma. Brittany says her mom is putting the entire family in danger by refusing to accept that they may never learn what happened to Jessie. Can Dr. Phil get through to Sherrie and convince her to stop her dangerous gangster lifestyle? Find out!

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Missing person poster of Jessie Grace