Dr. Phil's guests say they believe internet fame is their road to fortune – but are they willing to put in the hard work to “make it big”? Mariah Malibu says she’s a “star in the making” on her way to becoming the next Anna Wintour or Paris Hilton. She wants her own fashion empire and says she’s willing to ruin relationships if that’s what gets her closer to the top! Twenty-year-old TJ says he’s wanted to be a YouTube star since he was 9 years old, so three months ago, he quit his job and is now pranking people and filming it. But his parents say he needs to come back to reality and find a job that pays the bills. And Billy Blu says his goal is to be an internet “influencer” and create his own skin care business, all while his father foots the bill. Is his father ready to cut the purse strings? Are these GenZ’ers ready for a wake-up call, or are they well on their way to a lifestyle of the rich and famous?

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