From social media and gaming to scrolling endlessly online, today's youth are more plugged in when it comes to digital devices. In fact, 50% of teenagers admit they are addicted to their devices, and today, you will learn why! Dr. Phil speaks with Brittney, who says her teenage daughter is so addicted to social media, she resorted to running away from home and living in a tent so her mother cannot restrict her WiFi and social media use. Dr. Phil also speaks with Tammy, who claims her 11-year-old daughter took her own life due to an addiction to social media. Tammy hears for the first time what her daughter posted online weeks before her suicide. Plus, Dr. Phil meets Mark, whose 16-year-old son shot him and then killed his mother after Mark claims they took away a violent video game he was addicted to. And, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, who is widely considered the foremost digital addiction expert, explains how screen time can seriously affect the development of a child's brain.

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