Marcia is worried because she believes her 19-year old daughter, Cheyenne, is living in a motel with a pimp and a prostitute, who she says have taken her under their wing.

But Cheyenne says if it weren’t for Chris and Brooke, she would have been homeless after her mom kicked her out for the fourth time. Chris says he isn’t a pimp, and Brooke and Cheyenne aren’t prostitutes. So why are men paying $200 an hour for a “special massage?” Dr. Phil gives his opinion about where they are headed.

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'My Teenage Daughter Moved Into A Motel With A Pimp And A Prostitute'
Teen Says Getting Paid For A Massage With A 'Happy Ending' Is Not Prostitution
Man Denies Pimping Out Teenager, Claims He's Helping Her
Man Denies Pimping For Teen Masseuse: 'The Money Goes Right Back To Her'
What Life Is Like For A Teen Who Gives Massages With 'Happy Endings'

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