Jodee says her husband, Charlie, has a hoarding problem. Charlie says he doesn’t like that word; he says he’s a collector with nine kayaks, nine backpacks, 10 bikes, 40 guitars, 60 soccer balls, 100 soccer jerseys, 100-plus fishing rods, a wall of amplifiers, drum sets, camping gear and more! Jodee says she feels like she’s living in one big junk-filled storage unit. Charlie says he doesn't call it junk because it’s all good stuff. Jodee says now her husband’s obsessive “collections” have spread past their 2,400 sq. ft. house and into the garage, two sheds, two vans, three cars, and an RV -- and she's had enough! To add to Jodee’s stress with Charlie’s 12-year clutter problem, she says she inherited her mother’s house and all its belongings when she passed away five months ago, and with escrow closing at the end of next month, she says she’s stressed out with all the clutter that surrounds her. Find out what Robin has planned for this family.

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