Missy claims she and her husband, Jason, were forced to fight for custody of their two young nieces to keep them safe from their own parents, Missy’s brother Chris and sister-in-law, Katie, who Missy says are both homeless and addicted to heroin.

Missy claims her nieces were severely neglected, alleging neighbors often found them wandering around their apartment complex dirty and without shoes, inside a dumpster and playing by a busy freeway and vacant buildings. Chris and Katie insist that despite being drug addicts, they were and are great parents and never put their daughters in danger. They say Missy has taken their children from them, and that she is on a power trip, even asking for child support. See what happens when Dr. Phil shows Chris and Katie photos of the alleged living conditions of the apartment that they were raising their girls in. Will Chris and Katie continue to insist their daughters were never in harm’s way?

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