Chris says he has lived through 14 years of hell with his wife, Pepper, who he claims spies on him at work, chased him down the freeway at high speeds and even pulled out a gun and fired it into the floor during an argument.

But Pepper says her husband is not an innocent victim and is a big part of the problem in their marriage. Pepper claims Chris has threatened to kill her and even punched her in the face during an argument. She says Chris constantly threatens to divorce her, but she wants to save her marriage. What does Dr. Phil have to say to this couple? Plus, meet another couple, Cecil and Dr. Simon, from Bravo TV’s popular reality show, “Married to Medicine.” Last season, the couple was at a crossroads in their marriage. Are they still having a hard time with past resentments? Plus find out the 14-day program Dr. Phil has for the couple. 

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Marriage on the rocks?

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