Nowadays, social media rules the world, and this decade has proven to be more “untraditional” and “mold-breaking” than ever before. But in this ever-changing society, we continue to ask an important question: How far is too far? Dr. Phil discusses that when he meets three different people whose quest for fame and fortune not only went viral -- but also made national news. Some were criticized -- and in some cases, canceled -- by the public for “crossing the line.” First, a 22-year-old went viral in August after quitting his day job and approaching a popular social media influencer and asking him for a job. Does he have what it takes for a career in social media? Next, Dr. Phil meets a YouTuber who was canceled for his controversial videos. What does he have to say? And lastly, meet a woman who turned to social media to make money in what some call an “unconventional” way – but she says she’s doing better than ever before. Tune in to hear these stories!

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