Three years ago, after attempting to summon UFOS, Debbie says she began seeing aliens and other apparitions in and around her home.

Debbie says she thought she was going crazy or had possibly opened a portal to hell. But now, Debbie says she has figured out why she is having these strange visions. Debbie believes she is being electronically harassed. She believes whoever is harassing her has somehow tampered with her optic nerve and is projecting false images of aliens! Even worse, she says these electronic harassers are now using other torture methods, including electric shock and gang stalking, just to mess with her mind. Debbie’s husband, Tony, says he believes Debbie has a mental illness. He says Debbie’s constant talk of aliens and electronic harassment is hurting their marriage because he simply doesn’t believe it, and it leads to constant arguments. Is Debbie really being electronically harassed? Can Dr. Phil help her? Find out!

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