Dr. Phil has filmed over 3,596 episodes, with nearly 20,000 guests, and not everyone listens to his advice, which is their right. Two years ago, Lois came to Dr. Phil with her family to investigate three men she was talking to online, in Dr. Phil’s first ever three-part series. Lois was introduced to two of the real men whose photos were stolen by scammers and used to catfish Lois, one appearing in-studio and the other virtually from his home . Lois left the taping admitting she was being scammed. Recently, Lois called a Dr. Phil producer saying she was still talking to “Fred,” who was now in Jamaica, struggling to survive, and that the man Dr. Phil revealed to her was just a “look alike.” Lois wanted Dr. Phil’s help again getting “Fred” from Jamaica to the US so they could be together. What kind of problems did “Fred” say he was experiencing? Find out today.

Watch more from Part two here.

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