Molly claims she devotes her entire day to obsessing over her appearance, which, some days, prevents her from even leaving her home.

Molly’s older sister, Ashly, admits she has struggled for years with worrying intensely about her weight. Both sisters say they are unsure why they have body image issues. And, hear from their mom, Judy, who once suffered from anorexia. Dr. Phil discusses whether the body image issues these women share is sheer coincidence, genetic, or a learned way of thinking.

Later, Dr. Phil sits down for his hit podcast series, Phil In The Blanks, with Sophie Turner, known as Sansa Stark on the mega-hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Sophie shares some realities of what it was like to be in front of the camera starting at a young age, and how she has worked to overcome her own body image issues.

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