Christina says she believes the wrong man was given a life sentence for her son Stephin’s murder.

She says she believes it was her son’s good friend, Devin, who is guilty of pulling the trigger. But Devin says he did not have the gun, load the gun or shoot the gun that killed his friend; he says he was just there when it happened, and he has served his time for negligent homicide in connection with Stephin’s death. Christina claims Devin is a liar and did pull the trigger, and says she does not understand why he did not serve a longer sentence. See what happens when Dr. Phil asks Devin to take a lie detector test. Does Devin have any answers for Christina about her son’s murder? Watch as Dr. Phil explores the evidence as he works to help Christina heal from the aftermath of her son’s murder.

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Woman Claims Man Who Pled Guilty To Negligent Homicide In Connection With The Death Of Her Son Is Now Harassing Her

Man Pled Guilty To Negligent Homicide Of Friend But Says He Didn’t Pull The Trigger

Woman Confronts Man She Says She Believes Killed Her Son

Man Claims Mom Of Dead Friend Is Harassing Him On Social Media

Advice For Mom On Moving Forward After Son’s Murder

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