Forty-three-year-old Jason says he grew up living a high-class life, jetting off on international trips on private jets and enjoying family vacations on stunning beaches.

Jason says money was no object because he claims his late grandfather owned a string of hotels and was worth around $80 million. His mother, Patty, says she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars giving Jason everything he wanted. So what does he want now? Well, according to Patty, Jason wants her dead. What went so wrong? Plus, an exclusive first look at Dr. Phil’s interview with Oprah! Oprah’s new book, The Path Made Clear, features great anecdotes from people like Brené Brown, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and hip-hop/business mogul Jay-Z. As is second nature for Oprah, she organically digs deep and finds the meaningful lessons to be learned from their life stories. Oprah joined Dr. Phil on his podcast, Phil in the Blanks, which is available now, to talk about the book and reveal how she found her true purpose in life.

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