Gina says she believes her 18-year-old daughter, Alexis, was "kidnapped" and "held hostage" by her survivalist boyfriend David, 19 — a claim both Alexis and David deny — and says she and her husband, Mike, fear for Alexis’ safety. They claim David owns an arsenal of firearms, is very controlling and after only three weeks of dating, came and "took" Alexis in the middle of the night. Gina says she’s afraid that David is brainwashing Alexis and turning her against her own family.

David acknowledges that he’s a survivalist who owns guns, but says he’s not dangerous — and, he says Alexis is with him of her own free will. What does Alexis say?

Plus, Mike and David face off on Dr. Phil’s stage. Don’t miss this explosive episode! Then, tune in Wednesday as more accusations surface and take this story on another twisted turn.

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