Ava says that her one goal in life is to be Insta-famous and she’ll stop at nothing to get there, but she says her real-life relationships are suffering because of her online persona.

Her friends Haley and Maria say they are increasingly worried that Ava will either drop out of school or go too far in her quest for attention – which includes hard partying, underage drinking and risqué photos. Then, Christian says his social media presence is also ruining his real-life relationships, but unlike Ava, he says he is a social media chameleon; changing his content constantly depending on his current social circle. He says that after a dark period of partying and underage drinking, he was left lost and reached out to Dr. Phil. Can Dr. Phil help guide these two young social media addicts? Watch as he and his special guest, actress and social media star Amanda Cerny, pull back the curtain and attempt to get these two to drop their social media masks.

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