Maegan and her mother-in-law, Kelly, are in a fierce tug-of-war over Maegan’s husband and Kelly’s son, Josh, who has been in a persistent vegetative state for the last two years due to an anoxic brain injury. After two years and no improvement, Maegan claims Josh’s condition is in decline, and it’s time for both her and Kelly to let him go and pass peacefully. Kelly says she completely disagrees with Maegan’s decision to end Josh’s life and finds all of Maegan’s social media posts about Josh “full of lies and exploitative.” Kelly claims the only reason Maegan wants to bring Josh home, remove his feeding tube, and allow him to die is that she needs “new material” for her social media followers. Maegan denies that she is exploiting her husband and says that she has helped to spread awareness of anoxic brain injuries. Can these women come together to decide what is truly best for Josh? Dr. Phil weighs in on this morally, ethically and spiritually challenging debate. Don’t miss it!

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