Dr. Phil continues his conversation with sisters Tricia and Christy who are at odds over the custody of Tricia's children. When Tricia went to prison, Christy was given legal custody of Tricia’s two daughters.

Now out of prison, Tricia says she is clean and sober and wants her sister to return her daughters to her, but Christy claims Tricia is an “unstable drug addict” and says she will never return her children. Tricia and Christy’s brother, Mark, joins the conversation. Mark says Christy is purposely being an obstacle to reunification between Tricia and her daughters. Mark says Tricia has done everything to prove she’s ready to be a mom, and he claims Christy is now a drug addict and alcoholic. Mark also claims Christy is a pathological liar and accuses her of faking a pregnancy! Plus, the explosive drama continues backstage. Will this family come together for the sake of Tricia’s children? You don’t want to miss this!

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