The Jonas Brothers give their first interview since reuniting on Dr. Phil's Phil in The Blanks podcast. Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas tell all about how the band got back together and some of their latest projects, including an upcoming tour and documentary.

Then, Russell says his brilliant 20-year-old daughter, Sarah Joy, is destroying her life by walking away from a full-ride college scholarship, so she can chase what he calls a “silly daydream” of becoming a professional dancer. But Sarah says she’s a 100% self-made natural talent who will become the next Beyoncé. Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Richy Jackson, puts Sarah Joy through her first audition to see if she has what it takes to become a dance legend.

And, Dr. Phil speaks with Dr. Art Markman, professor, author and member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, about his new book, Bring Your Brain To Work, which talks about how to communicate with the people around you at work, and “Imposter Syndrome.”