Inside the unsolved murder of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. In his first public interview ever, JonBenet’s brother, Burke Ramsey, addresses the rampant speculation that his mother was involved in covering up JonBenet’s murder to protect him. Plus, never before seen tapes of 9-year-old Burke Ramsey being interviewed by a psychologist just 13 days after his sister's murder.

JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother: ‘You’ve Got To Stop Crying At Some Point’

What A Family Photo Drawn By 9-Year-Old Burke Ramsey Looked Like After JonBenet’s Murder
What Newly Revealed Interrogation Tapes Reveal About JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother

JonBenet Ramsey's Brother Looks Closely At The Ransom Note

JonBenet Ramsey's Brother On Police Interrogation Tapes: 'I Just Heard Mom, Like, Going Psycho'

What JonBenet Ramsey's 9-Year-Old Brother Said About The Murder 20 Years Ago

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