Just over 40 years ago, on November 18, 1978, the largest number of intentional American civilian deaths until 9/11 took place in the jungles of Guyana in an area dubbed Jonestown.

Over 900 followers of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple were killed, mostly by drinking cyanide-laced fruit punch. Dr. Phil speaks with survivors who share their stories of survival. Congresswoman Jackie Speier was an aide to U.S. Representative Leo Ryan at the time. She and the Congressman flew to Jonestown with an envoy of concerned family members and journalists. They were there to investigate Jim Jones and his followers after concerned constituents reported family members were trapped in Jonestown by the cult leader. Vernon Gosney and John Cobb are also former members of The Peoples Temple who saw firsthand the unraveling of Jim Jones and the aftermath of the massacre and lived to tell their tales. All three survivors offer stories of strength and resilience.

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