It’s no secret that children who play contact and collision sports are at risk for head trauma and concussions. But the question is, should children be allowed to play these sports? Dr. Phil meets 17-year-old Sidney and her parents, Carlos and Kristen. Sidney says every day, she wakes up having almost no memory of the day before and is unable to recognize people she knows after sustaining a third concussion playing women's lacrosse. Then, Kimberly and Jan say they advocate for an age limit for children playing collision sports like football, but not everyone agrees. A debate ensues when Dr. Phil introduces fathers Lester Ricard Jr. and Barak Lurie, who both say the benefits of these sports outweigh the low risks associated with them. And, renowned neurosurgeon and concussion expert Dr. Patrick Johnson shares what he thinks about children playing collision and contact sports. Lastly, Dr. Phil speaks with Karen, a mother, who says playing football killed her son.

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