Two women at different stages of their lives say that their families are not supportive of the way they want to live their life.

Russell says his brilliant 20-year-old daughter, Sarah Joy, is destroying her life by walking away from a full-ride college scholarship, so she can chase what he calls a “silly daydream” of becoming a professional dancer. But Sarah says she’s a 100% self-made natural talent who will become the next Beyoncé. Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Richy Jackson, puts Sarah Joy through her first audition to see if she has what it takes to become a dance legend.

Then, Valerie and Erica say they are worried about their 67-year-old mother, Laura, because she’s a reckless dater who has been married 10 times. They fear she will take another walk down the aisle and want Dr. Phil to set her straight. Will Dr. Phil agree with the families, or will he side with the women?

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