In an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil speaks with the woman engaged to marry “Making A Murderer”’s Steven Avery. Avery’s new fiancée, Lynn Hartman, discusses finding true love with one of America’s most notorious convicted killers, a man she calls her “Teddy Bear.”

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A Dr. Phil Exclusive: ‘Making A Murderer’ Convicted Killer Steven Avery And His New Fiancee, Lynn Hartman, Speak Out

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‘Making A Murderer’’s Steven Avery's Fiancee Shares About Their Love Story

A Love Story From Prison: 'Making A Murderer''s Stephen Avery's Fiancée Opens Up

Why 'Making A Murderer''s Stephen Avery's Fiancée Said Yes To His Proposal

'Making A Murderer''s Steven Avery's Fiancée Opens Up About Why She Got Cold Feet

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