Mercuree wrote to Dr. Phil asking for help because she claims she is being cyberstalked, harassed, and threatened by a former cast member of VH1's “Love & Hip Hop,” Chrissy Monroe.

Mercuree claims Chrissy has used her celebrity status in an attempt to blackball her from the entertainment industry and ruin her life. She says Chrissy has even befriended her childhood friends and an ex to try and “get dirt” on her! Chrissy says that’s all backward! She claims Mercuree, who she barely knows, is cyberstalking her! Chrissy says Mercuree is completely obsessed with her and has even called into radio stations and restaurants to curse her out! Due to what Chrissy calls a “cryptic death threat” posted by Mercuree online, Chrissy says she’s terrified of what Mercuree might do next. Chrissy says she’s tried to get the police involved but claims nothing she does ever stop Mercuree’s incessant online harassment. Can Dr. Phil get these women to stop this war of words? Find out!

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